If you would like to explore Greek nature, then you must try to visit Elatochori. You reach Katerini and following westwards the national road of Athens-Elassona, you smoothly begin climbing in Pieria Mountains.

To reach Elatohori in Pieria, you pass one by one the villages Svoronos, Neokaisareia, Moshohori, Vria and Retini. The nature around you is astonishing. As you go up further, passing through nature and waters, you find Elatohori in front of you. A village separated in two. The old part called Skouterna and a little above it, the new one, both facing the Aegean coasts of Katerini.You are in 840 m height and have covered already 29km from Katerini.

In the old part of Elatochori you meet "Pierion Musses", a traditional hotel made of stone and wood. A source of warm hospitality settled from a family of smilling people.