Old Elatochori of Pieria is one of the most beautiful winter destinations not only in Northern Greece, but in the whole country. It is no coincidence that “the nine Pierian Muses, protectors of poetry, music, singing and dance, felt so enchanted by the wonderful environment of Pieria, that remained forever in this region, with their melodic song being heard in the mountains and canyons”. The breathtaking views of Mount Olympus and evergreen nature delight each and every visitor. The wild beauty of the mountainous nature with its dense forests, the picturesqueness of Old Elatochori and the ski resort, as well as its location between the archaeological site of ancient Dion and the archaeological site of Vergina, the birthplace of Great Alexander’s father make the area very attractive for the lovers of winter breaks and cultural activities.

  • Thessaloniki 98 km
  • Macedonia Airport 116 km
  • Katerini 28 km
  • Elatohori Ski Center 7,5 km
  • Dion 36 km
  • Vergina 38 km
  • Litochoro – Olympus– 50 km
  • Olympic Beach 36 km

AddressPalio Elatohori, Pieria, 60100, Greece